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There are some of God's creations we don't paid much attention to - the moth is one of them. After all, they usually aren't as colorful as butterflies and when was the last time you heard a nice little spring poem about a moth?!

Look at the photo of the moth at the top of the page. What do you see? Do you see design and beauty? Do you see interesting shapes? How about that brown outline and fringe around his wings - pretty, huh? I would say just as pretty as a butterfly.

What changed our perspective of the moth? Taking away our bias and examining it more closely, we began to see beauty. The sunlight also helped us to see patterns and designs we may not have seen if the moth had been in the shadows. Instead of it being "just a moth," it became a beautiful creation of God.  

In our lives we create our own perspective about ourselves, about others, and, most importantly, about God. The problem with this is, we have our own bias', likes and dislikes, fears, and a number of feelings and emotions that affect our view of ourselves, others, and God. This often results in the wrong perspectives which we end up believing as truth, but this "truth" has been hidden in self-deceit.

Truth isn't talked about near as much as it should be. We may speak of the Truth of God in "doctrinal issues in the church," but the Truth of God is to be lived 24 hours a day, every day, throughout our lifetime. It is the Truth God has revealed about Himself, and us, and how we should see others. The Holy Spirit in the word of God tells us how to have the right perspective on all things involved in our lives.

In this issue of Our Hope we will talk about our perspective of God, others, and self. There is so much to say on these things and I've only touched a small part it. A comment box is provided at the end of each page if you'd like to add more thoughts to the ones I've written or expand on them.

If we will strive to see through our Lord's perspective, our lives will be far less complicated and confusing. Instead of wasting our thoughts and energy on self-deceit, we can see clearly with the light of the Lord shining in us and showing the brilliant design of the Creator. 



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September/October 2017